Twisted Extracts Halley’s Comet Watermelon 80mg 1:1 | Sativa

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Halley’s Comet Watermelon

Halley’s Comet Watermelon 1:1 Jelly Bomb with 40mg THC and 40mg CBD is a new full spectrum edible. This sativa gummy packs a powerful punch. It’s suitable for any time of the day, bringing the best of sativa effects, leaving users happy, uplifted and calm.

The high CBD content makes it an excellent choice for those looking to relieve chronic pain and inflammation, and reduce stress and anxiety.

Flavour: Watermelon

Dose: 5mg THC + 5mg CBD (per gummy)

Quantity: 8 gummies

Type: Sativa

All Twisted Extracts gummies are lab-tested and follow strict quality assurance.


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